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Our company was founded in Nagoya City as a manufacturer of polyurethane foaming machine in 1969, right at the dawn of the polyurethane in Japan. The polyurethane field continues to expand greatly worldwide alongside constant modernization and diversification, so does MEG-MARUKA KAKOUKI Co, Ltd.
The customers choose “MEG-MARUKA” brand for its design in pursuit of the durability. Furthermore, our high-quality custom-made equipment comes along with the excellent after-service support which ensures a non-stop production.
We have served our customers faithfully throughout many years, consequently, gained popularity among domestic and overseas users of various industries such as the automobile, refrigerator, insulation, and building materials.
The know-how of the polyurethane mixing techniques we have obtained by now keeps impressing our customers. Alternatively, we develop and manufacture another PU equipment, e.g. elastomer, silicone, nylon and metton injection machines.
  As much as MEG-MARUKA takes pride in its brand, it also feels obliged to continue contributing to the next generation polyurethane society. Thus, we greatly rely upon customers` continuous trust and support in the future, aiming to become a company capable of continuing business for another 100 years ahead.