TEST ROOMTrial/Test room

Foaming and Mixing Trials in MEG-MARUKA's Test Room

At out factory we constantly accept to undertake a measuring test of any type of polyurethane foam and various types of the liquid blend.

Equipment Line-up for the trial test

  • MEG-ACMA type Polyurethane High-pressure Foaming Machine with two or four component
    Mark-VII mixing head
  • MEG-NE type Polyurethane Low-pressure Foaming Machine
  • CO2 mixing device
  • Air loading device
  • Micro Shot (small amount discharge) Polyurethane High-pressure Foaming Machine
  • MEG-EL type Elastomer Injection Machine

Test contents

  • Flexible foaming for the automobile car seat cushions and head-rests
  • Rigid foaming for refrigerators, building materials and insulation
  • Polyurethane foaming test for other application
  • Elastomer products
  • Measuring test of the raw materials mixture

*If inquiries, we hold a trial any mixing and small size manufactures.