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Polyurethane Low-pressure Foaming Machine
type MEG-NE

Available in a motor-driven mixing rotor or non-driving air mixing type

MEG-NE is a highly efficient two-component Polyurethane
Low-pressure Foaming Machine developed and
manufactured by MEG-MARUKA KAKOUKI Co., Ltd.
This type MEG-NE consists of the following devices and
– 1 set of LB type mixing head which has a good mixing performance
– 1 set of the highly accurate metering pump unit
– 2 sets of raw material tanks made of SUS
– 1 set of the SUS-made solvent tank
– 1 set of the control panel
1 set of temperature control unit for the raw materials.
Applicable to a wide range of polyurethane rigid foam,
semi-rigid foam, flexible foam and other foams.
This type is especially recommended to a customer who wishes to
newly start foaming work of polyurethane or small or medium scale production.

Mark-LB type Motor-driven Mixing System Features

  • Mixing rotor and chamber designed prevent air entrainment due and dripping of residual liquid
  • A highly efficient mixing rotor shape – the high precision mixing of the different velocity level raw materials ( low to high)
  • An air-driven ejection device for an accurate ejection
  • Backflow prevention device that can completely seal the materials
  • Solvent flash mechanism with a good cleaning effect
  • Easy maintenance and disassembly processes
  • Cost-effective operation

Mark-AM type Air Mixing System Features

  • Optimum foaming function for insulation and building material panels
  • Compact operation and easy maintenance due to the lightweight simple design
  • Mixing air adjustment function makes it compatible with a wide range of raw material characteristics
  • Good raw material mixing due to the high performance special fixed type air mixer design
  • Spare parts cost-effective operation

The types of MEG-NE and Specifications※Mixing ratio spec; 100 : 100

Type Minimum pump output capacity
ℓ / Min
Maximum pump output capacity
ℓ / Min
MEG-NE-S 1.5ℓ/Min 3.0ℓ/Min
MEG-NE-I 2.0ℓ/Min 8.0ℓ/Min
MEG-NE-II 6.0ℓ/Min 24.0ℓ/Min
MEG-NE-III 12.0ℓ/Min 48.0ℓ/Min

※Mixing ratio of polyol / isocyanate 100 to 50 is also available upon request.