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MEG-MARUKA GROUP丸加ミキシングシステム株式会社MEG-Maruka Mixing System Co.,Ltd

MEG-MARUKA MIXING SYSTEM Co., Ltd. (MMS) was established in 1984 as a 100% subsidiary of MEG-MARUKA KAKOUKI Co., Ltd. The forthcoming MMS business strategy is the distribution of MEG-MARUKA’s equipment and devices as well as various great products from ACMOS CHEMIE (Germany), Alfred SCHUETZE ( Germany), WALKI(Finland) acting as their sole sales agent in Japan.

Company Details

Chairman Kodo Kato
President Yoshio Ito
Capital ¥ 90,000,000.-

Sales Products

  • High and Low pressure Polyurethane Foaming Machine by MEG-MARUKA KAKOUKI Co., Ltd.
  • Injection Machine for Elastomer, Metton, Nylon and Silicone by MEG-MARUKA KAKOUKI Co., Ltd
  • Release agent for Polyurethane and other plastic productions by ACMOS CHEMIE KG
  • Spray equipment for Release agent, grease and adhesion agent by Alfred SCHUETZE GmbH
  • Technical paper & Protective packaging materials made by WALKI
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