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Elastomer Injection Machine type MEG-EL

MEG-EL型 エラストマー注型機

The MEG-EL type is a highly efficient Elastomer Injection Machine capable of raw materials precise weighing and homogeneous mixing head by a high precision metering pump and a motor-driven mixing head. It enables to use two to three components. Optional, 2 colors can be added. It comes with the following devices compactly installed on the integral frame: the mixing head and raw material metering pump unit (color metering unit as option);the raw material machine tank (color tank optional);the thermal insulation room for solvent tank and metering unit; hot air generator, vacuum pump unit and electric heater for the raw material circulation; the attached hose and the main control panel.

MEG-EL type Features

  1. This injection machine offers a precise metering and thorough mixing of the different viscosity raw materials
  2. No air bubbles process secured by a specially designed mixer
  3. Its special hot air circulation system allows melting the raw materials smoothly and homogeneously
  4. Along with a contentious injection it offers a shot injection for each shot (special conditions apply only)
  5. It enables additional two-colors production
    (optional: three-component mixing head)

Mixing Head Features

  • Compact, easy to use and maintain due to its simple design
  • Accuracy injection along with the great raw material mixing ability
  • Thorough mixing of the raw material with a large difference in viscosity and compounding ration
  • It contains four-types of a built-in electric heater (works as a back-up , in case of one formula fails another heaters will dissolve the raw material)
  • Special material seal used for the mixing rotor shaft
  • Optional, three-component mixing head is available (two-colors can be used for third-component)

The types of MEG-EL and Specifications

  MEG-EL-0.5 MEG-EL-2.5
Mixing head Original pin rotor design Original pin rotor design
Indipendent injection nozzle Indipendent injection nozzle
Pump output
Comp.A 60~500cc/min 700~2500cc/min
Comp.B 15~50cc/min 70~250cc/min
Viscosity Comp.A Max3000mPa・s Max3000mPa・s
Comp.B Max20mPa・s Max20mPa・s
Materials tank Comp.A 60-150L(With agitator & Vacuum /
pressurerized tank)
60-150L(With agitator & Vacuum /
pressurerized tank)
Comp.B 20-50L(Without agitator & pressurerized tank) 20-50L(Without agitator & pressurerized tank)
Metring pump Comp.A Gear pump Gear pump
Comp.B Gear pump Gear pump
Vacuuming pump Comp.A 200L/min 200L/min
Piping material Comp.A SUS304 SUS304 
Comp.B SUS304 SUS304
Comp.A Max100℃ Max100℃
Comp.B Max140℃ Max140℃
Method of heating
Comp.A Hot air recerculating system Hot air recerculating system
Comp.B Hot air recerculating system Hot air recerculating system
Injection program 10pcs 10pcs
Utility Power 3 phase 200V 13kW 3 phase 200V 14kW
Dry air 0.5MPa 50L/min  0.5MPa 50L/min