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Silicone Injection Machine type MEG-SI


Mixing method by static mixer

The MEG-SI type Silicone Injection Machine is a two-component low-pressure system with a highly accurate metering pump and static mixing head. It offers high-quality mixing and injection to its users. The system consists of a metering unit, a raw material tanks, the main control panel, and the mixing head; and, due to the compact design, all are neatly positioned together on the integral frame.

MEG-SI type Features

  • Precise metering and excellent mixing
  • Its static mixer enables to cut on the heat generation during the foaming and without air bubbles mixing
  • The tanks, its large-diameter sight glass window allows the raw materials state confirmation at any time of the process
  • Simple operation and easy maintenance

The type of MEG-SI and Specifications ※Mixing retio=A:B=100:100

  Model-1 Model-2 Model-3
Output Comp.A 2.5-5.0cc/sec 5.0-10.0cc/sec 7.5-15.0cc/sec
Comp.B 2.5-5.0cc/sec 5.0-10.0cc/sec 7.5-15.0cc/sec
Viscosity 100 ~ 3000
mPa· s
100 ~ 3000
mPa· s
100 ~ 3000
mPa· s
Material tank
(2 sets)
Large sight glass window
Capacity 20L 20L 20L
Vacuum pressure  -0.1MPa -0.1MPa -0.1MPa
Applied pressure 0.2MPa 0.2MPa 0.2MPa
Piping material SUS304 SUS304 SUS304
Raw material
Remote thermometer Remote thermometer Remote thermometer
Injection program
(injection time・A·B output record)
10 pcs 10 pcs 10 pcs
Power supply 3 phase 200V 0.2KW 3 phase 200V 0.4KW 3 phase 200V 0.4KW
Air compressor for the
pressurized tank &
head operation
above 0.5MPa above 0.5MPa above 0.5MPa
External dimentions
W x D x H 
1520 x 850 x 1742mm 1520 x 850 x 1742mm 1520 x 850 x 1742mm
Approximate weight 300kg 300kg 300kg