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Polyurethane High-pressure Foaming Machine


MEG-ACMA type Polyurethane High-pressure Foaming Machine was developed and put on the market in 1977. Since then it has gained popularity by being widely used for production lines of major manufactures of automobiles,refrigerators, building materials thermal insulation materials domestically and overseas.

MEG-ACMA Features

  1. The Best selling product
  2. Ensures homogeneous mixture and highly accurate measurement of low to high raw material viscosity levels
  3. Cost efficient due to the high durability level
  4. A simple design based on the users` evaluation
  5. The accurate operating management helped by a visual system
  6. The high precision raw material temperature control
  7. A great deal of equipment safety importance

Mixing Head Mark VII
Essential part of the MEG-ACMA Polyurethane High-pressure Foaming Machine

Mark-VII type mixing head it is highly innovative, upgraded version of its prototype mixing head Mark-III type developed and marketed in 1977. Mark VII is confidently a
high-performance machine which could be adapted to a wide range of polyurethane foaming fields.

The types of MEG-ACMA and Specifications


Polyol : Isocyanate (100:100)

Polyol : Isocyanate (100:50)

Min pump
ℓ / Min

Max pump
ℓ/ Min

3phase 200V

Min pump output
ℓ / Min

Max pump output
ℓ/ Min

Electric power(KW)
3phase 200V

MEG-ACMA-15 3ℓ/Min 15ℓ/Min 15.8Kw 2ℓ/Min 10ℓ/Min 14Kw
MEG-ACMA-30 6ℓ/Min 30ℓ/Min 23.3Kw 4ℓ/Min 22ℓ/Min 20Kw
MEG-ACMA-90 18ℓ/Min 90ℓ/Min 38.3Kw 12ℓ/Min 60ℓ/Min 30.8Kw
MEG-ACMA-180 36ℓ/Min 180ℓ/Min 71.8Kw 27ℓ/Min 135ℓ/Min 56.8Kw

The motor-driven metering pump is equipped with an inverter. The above mentioned electric power does not include the power consumption of the raw material temperature control unit (MEG-HC type). Maximum viscosity is 2,000cps.